Train Beyond the Range!

“Turmoil & Danger Don’t Come at the Moment of Our Choosing” Well, that is until the time comes that we have to put all of that training into practice. Then we quickly realize that our house is not set up like the range. We remember that there are a couple of kids that weren’t at …

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What Is Deadly Force?

Deadly Force is any force that carries a substantial risk that could result in the death of any person. Here are a few instances where a person could exert a force that could cause death. The use of deadly force is: Shooting someone with a firearm Stabbing or cutting someone with an edged weapon The …

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Why Should You Carry A Firearm?

As we have learned, a dynamic critical incident can be a very scary situation, especially considering that, after the fact, prosecutors will pick apart every action and dig through whatever they can to put blame on the defendant, even if the situation involved a perfectly “legal shoot.” Of course, even though the legal aftermath of …

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Trigger Control Exercise

Dry-Fire: Cure a Common Shooting Bad Habit Don’t move the gun when you pull the trigger! Regardless of the speed you are moving your trigger finger, you need to avoid dipping/moving the muzzle. How can you tell if you’re falling victim to this bad habit? Set the trigger on your unloaded pistol by racking the …

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Concealed Carry Corner: CCW

Concealed Carry Questions: CCW

There are no right answers in a defensive shooting situation; with an infinite number of possible situations, there is an infinite number of responses. Know your laws, use good judgment and mentally prepare yourself for something to go wrong. In no particular order, let’s go over three important topics that you may want to consider …

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