There are three reasons why it is important to get firearms & medical training. The first reason is safety, the second is education, and the third is learning the fundamentals. Every day, we are inundated with misinformation that is both intentional and unintentional. For the average person, it’s hard to discern what the real facts are coming from the news, television, movies and social media. It’s almost impossible to see through the myriad of misinformation.

Aren’t Safety and Education the Same?

Some may argue that safety and education are the same when talking about firearms training. However, we see it a bit differently. We can tell a student everything they need to know about a firearm, but as soon as they are asked to pick up a firearm, the majority of the time, they usually break any number of firearm safety rules immediately. From muzzling people, to not verifying the condition of the firearm , to unconsciously putting their finger on the trigger. This happens almost instinctively, which is why we contend that safety is distinguishable and separate from education.

So why is it so natural for people to pick up a gun and instantly think they can just point and shoot? By having a firearm in your hand, you have a powerful position of responsibility. don’t fall into a false sense of security thinking you are ready to hit the range and fling some brass. Most violations of firearms safety are natural reactions when picking up an gun that is related to reflexes and ergonomics. Or it could be learned behavior from what they see on television, social media or other social influencing factors. Everything we see in media might subconsciously influence us. But this is just my opinion, and there are many other factors. This leads us to the second reason why it’s important to get firearms training.

Education, Education, Education …

The second reason is education. Firearms training is 70% education, students need to learn about the operation, functions and all of the different parts of their firearms. During this phase, we will dispel any myths or misconceptions that people may have about firearms. What is important to know is that every gun is different. So learning the operation and functions of their specific weapon will help the student safely use their firearm.

In this phase we like to address their expectations of the use and capabilities of firearms. This is VERY important as every person has a different set of expectations. We will help students choose the right firearm to fit their needs whether it is self protection, shooting sports or hunting. Like they always say: “You don’t know… what you don’t know… until you know it.”

Learning Fundamentals …

The third reason that it is imperative to receive firearms training is to learn the fundamentals of handling firearms. Learning the fundamentals of shooting any firearm will improve accuracy as students advance their firearms training. Relearning fundamentals will also help to reset and undo bad habits and training scars helping them to get back on the right path.

When you practice and begin to consistently make accurate shots. this increases safety; remember that every bullet is the shooter’s responsibility. Stray shots or ricochets are extremely dangerous and can cause property damage and loss of life. It is imperative that firearms training students know their target and what’s beyond it. Taking a firearms training course will help you bring all of this together and show you exactly how Safety, Education, and Fundamentals go hand in hand. Safety governs Education and Fundamentals. Safety and Education help with learning the Fundamentals. Fundamentals are the foundation of the bio-mechanics of shooting and operating a firearm.

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