Wow! A 0.82 Sec. Accurate Shot!

“Flash Sight” & “Instinctive Shooting” is it Worthwhile Training or just “TACTICOOL”

Is having a sub one-second accurate draw a worthwhile drill or is it just something you do to be Tacticool!

If you are doing it, are you doing it for the right reasons?

There is something to be said about “instinctive shooting” and “flash sight picture” alignment.

Speed and Accuracy are relevant terms, and usually never go together, especially in firearm shooting, unless your an Olympian. HOWEVER, when practiced enough and often, your “instinctive shooting” will play a very key role to your self-defense and overall reactive mindset when put in a threatening firearm defensive situation.

What do we mean by instinctive shooting? Sim[ply put, Instinctive shooting is shooting without aiming and concentrating on the target. WHAT !?! Yes, without aiming and concentrating on the target. In other words, forming a habit of drawing your pistol over and over, hundreds, if not thousands of times using your correct holster and arm draw with sight picture and alignment to your eyes that it becomes muscle memory or shooting INSTINCTIVELY. This is what can get you a sub-second shot, or shots, if your really quick!

However, in up-close, life threatening DEFENSIVE SHOOTING situations, of less than 10 yards, where there are very rapid violent attacks, there is no time for perfect, precise, aligned shots, and a quick response with center mass hits is critical. So a shooting technique called “Flash Sight Picture” (FSP) can be used here. Jeff Cooper invented the FSP as part of his Modern Technique to pistol shooting and it has been refined over the years. Cooper’s basic FSP technique is a way to get your sights immediately on target with a lot of hits on target, not necessarily bullseye hits.

As I described above, the FSP is a method of allowing the cognitive, innate muscle-memory responses of the shooter to align the target and the sights without the delay involved in the conscious alignment of sights. In Point Shooting (PS), by contrast, the pistol is drawn from the holster and fired from the hip, or forward of the hip, without bringing the gun to eye level and without the sights being aligned at all.

This is the method I used in the video. It may seem like I brought my pistol up to my eyes and shot, BUT, my shot was well on its way, before my pistol reached my extended arm length or my eyes. If the video was slowed down, you will be able to see that my shot is gone LITERALLY, a split-second before it even gets close to my normal shooting position.

In closing, range time shooting live rounds and hundreds of hours spent on “dry-fire” practice is the key to building cognitive muscle memory alignment between your arms, eyes and draw pattern, will give you the results of speed and accuracy so you can one day have a sub-second accurate shot and be Tacticool as well!

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