Marksmanship vs. Defensive Shooting

Are they the same or are they really different? OR maybe a little of both! Which do I practice and which helps me the most?………. Actually BOTH, if you use the right mindset & training.

Accuracy, Power, Speed and Knowledge. These four elements are interdependent on each other as all are necessary to a degree and one effects the other in your everyday conceal carry life. Continually shooting at static bullseye targets and silhouettes, does not help you in the real world when a life-threatening situation happens to you, a friend or a loved one.

ASK YOURSELF SOME SERIOUS QUESTIONS! You need to introduce situational awareness shooting to every session you have, AND yes, even at an indoor shooting range! Do you continually practice administrative, tactical and emergency reloads? Do you practice controlled situational shooting or just fire away round after round after round at Zombie and bullseye targets? Do you know the difference between the “Occular Cavity”, “Thoracic Cavity” and the “Pelvic Girdle” projectile wound areas on a potential adversary, and practice shooting at these areas?

Carrying a firearm is a serious matter and needs constant training and knowledge, as well as a SMART MINDSET in real everyday scenario based defensive marksmanship!

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