Why Should You Carry A Firearm?

As we have learned, a dynamic critical incident can be a very scary situation, especially considering that, after the fact, prosecutors will pick apart every action and dig through whatever they can to put blame on the defendant, even if the situation involved a perfectly “legal shoot.”

Of course, even though the legal aftermath of using a firearm for self-defense is not likely to involve a criminal case, it can – and does – happen. A civil case can cause great concern as well. The criminal and/or his or her family members may claim that they are in the right or believe, somehow, that they are owed something. With that, it’s the idea of the “reasonable person test.” Unfortunately, today’s definition of what a reasonable person would have done in the same circumstances doesn’t always match up to what a responsibly armed individual would do.

The possibilities of going to jail and being tried in court can certainly make someone think – or even reconsider carrying a gun for protection. I’ve had some students take our USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense class and tell me that they aren’t ready to carry a gun. I applaud that decision because it means that they are really thinking about the circumstances, the possibilities and the outcomes. But I also make a point to find out where they are in their concealed carry journey and how to get them where they need to be.

Nevertheless, with all the talk of the aftermath and with all of the unsettling information regarding the seriousness of using a gun to protect life, an intriguing question was recently brought up in class: Knowing what we know about the body’s responses to a threatening situation, and recognizing what problems may occur legally, financially and even emotionally after the fact, why should anyone carry a firearm?

  • Because You can.
  • Because Bad People Exist
  • Because You Can’t Depend on Others.
  • Because Guns Save Lives
  • Because Everyone Deserves a Chance

– By: Beth Alcazar

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  1. It made sense to me when you said that one must consider carrying a firearm in order to save lives and to depend on themselves. With this in mind, I will consider attending a CCW training session before looking for a gun to buy. I have been living alone for two months now, and I want to be more confident that I can protect myself should emergency instances happen.

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