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As ATS has grown globally, we have dedicated ourselves to providing clients with professional full security and training services.

We are unsurpassed with our innovative and proprietary approach to firearms training, security protection self-defense and active threat training programs. In short, we bring the knowledge that you need to remain safe and one step ahead of the bad guys.

State License #PDSG044705
State License #PDSC001752
The National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents (NAFRA) is the trade organization for the bail bond fugitive recovery industry in the United States.

Advanced Tactical Solutions is North Georgia’s only FULL-SERVICE private security agency, specializing in personal and corporate executive protection, private discreet Investigations, active threat training, self-defense firearms training and non-lethal device protection training. ATS was established locally in 2016 after a long and successful tenure in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. ATS acts as a security and self-defense tactical mentor, as well as a security training conduit for local and overseas governments, and law enforcement agencies. We now offer our services, which are based in North Georgia and the greater Atlanta area, for personal and corporate clients. We strive and promote our global presence and a local footprint.


ATS works with all clients in need of personal or family protection and security matters, as well as high-value clients, corporate events, or public event protections; Including, but not limited to becoming your security partner, capable of solving issues by implementing customized protocols and PTA’s (physical threat assessments). We offer these services for your residence, office, or corporate locations that align with your needs and demands. If your requirements are as simple as a personal weekend getaway or a simple night out, with family and friends, or a corporate outing, to a long-term security executive protection detail, ATS can provide any level of security for your needs. Learn More


When it comes to private investigations, simply digging up information and tracking people down doesn’t cut it. A lot more goes into being a respected and sought after investigative detective agency. Over the years we’ve handled cases for law firms, private citizens, and major corporations, acquiring the information and needed evidence. From Workers’ Compensation fraud to bail jumpers and fugitive recovery, divorce cases and even internal corporate theft & fraud investigations, we have proven resources our clients need. Learn More


There are three reasons why it is important to get firearms training. The first reason is safety, the second is education, and the third is learning the fundamentals. Every day, we are inundated with misinformation that is both intentional and unintentional. For the average person, it’s hard to discern what the real facts are coming from the news, television, movies and social media. It’s almost impossible to see through the myriad of misinformation. ATS firearm training provides experience, Knowledge, Safety, and Confidence, are some of what you look for in a local trusted firearms mentor. We at ATS, embody those characteristics, making us a fundamental learning and training establishment. We increase your skills and try to enhance your ability to protect yourself and those around you in a very professional, yet fun and exciting learning environment. Learn More


Critical events happen every day that your company should be prepared for like: workplace violence, active shooters and terrorism. Active shooter incidents have become increasingly common everywhere, within all types of settings where groups of people gather— on university campuses, in office parks, in hospitals, in retail stores, during community events, and more. If you would like a free consultation and additional information how to better protect your organization from threats like these … Learn More


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Four Tier firearms training allows you to choose the level training that best represents your firearms experience or the level of experience that you wish to gain. Our proprietary four tier approach to firearm training takes the shooter from basic firearm safety all the way to advanced tactical shooting skills. Please fill out the form on the right and we will reach out to you with all of the information you need about firearm training. Read More

Tier 1 training is specifically designed for the person who is unfamiliar with guns.

In almost all cases, yes. The only time we will keep your tuition is when you no-show without 48 hour notice.

Not to our handgun classes. These classes are geared towards the typical handgun owned by most people. The length of a rifle does not allow for a safe environment for all students with the drills we teach.

Absolutely! ATS is a full service, state board licensed, private detective investigation agency. We are experienced in uncovering information, building evidence, surveillance, child custody, missing persons, skip-tracing and every other investigative service you may need. We provide our clients the needed information and documentation to help them with a wide range of scenarios be it private, criminal or civil. As a full-service detective agency, you can rest assured that we will handle your domestic investigations, criminal cases, and legal needs with the utmost privacy and efficiency. Read More

Advanced Tactical Solutions LLC (ATS) can become your security partner, capable of solving any issue by implementing customized protocols that align with your business or personal demands. You can hire a security detail for a single event, long-term period, bodyguard for a single day or make them a part of your full-time executive protection team. ATS will work with all clients in need of personal or corporate protection. Read More

Security is a top priority for most business owners, and, unfortunately, in this day and age, this security involves being prepared for active shooter threats. Active shooter training can reduce the risk of active shooter incidents while improving preparedness and strengthening ongoing efforts intended to prevent future occurrences. With the constant coverage of active shooters in the news, many employers have began to emphasize the importance of being prepared for this type of threat, not only for the welfare of their employees, but also to limit company liability. Read More

Classes range from $150 to $500 depending on the shooter’s experience level and which type of training they are interested. We offer group discounts as well as discounts for repeat clients.

Not in Tier One training. All other classes require you to have your own firearm.

Our classes are held at 216 Sailors Dr. in Ellijay, Georgia. For our advanced classes we utilize an off-site shooting range. Please give us a call if you need help with times, places and dates. (706) 502-8898

No for Tier One training. Yes, for all others. Both eye and hearing protection will be required for your own safety. While we encourage you to bring your own, we may have equipment that you may use.

Tier One: Approximately 5 Hours
Tier Two: Approximately 8 Hours
Tier Three: Approximately 8 Hours
Tier Four: Approximately 10-12 Hours

Classes begin at 09:00 sharp! Please arrive early around 08:45 for registration and check-in.

Firearms Training Information

Google Verified Reviews

ATS: Advanced Tactical Solutions LLC

5.0 35 reviews

  • I could not have had a better experience! This is coming from an older female newbie who hadn't touched a gun in forty years! Tom is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, patient and supportive. And also a really nice person. If you … More need protection and/or firearms training, Tom at ATS is your man!
    Kathy Lunceford ★★★★★ 4 months ago
  • I attended the NRA Pistol course offered by ATS in Ellijay, GA. I highly recommend Tom and his crew. He did a fantastic job of working with us throughout the day for our classroom portion as well as at the shooting range. He was very … More patient and knowledgeable in all aspects of the content. This is a great class for beginners or people interested in becoming an instructor like myself. ATS, Tom, offers other NRA courses as well. I will be using ATS for my future classes.
    Cathy McNair ★★★★★ 9 months ago
  • Very glad I took tier 2 firearm class. It was exactly what I needed to gain the comfort and knowledge in owning a gun. Gonna have to come back for tier 3 class for all the legal and self defense. Tom knows everything and was very thorough. … More
    Emilia Graves ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Very glad I took tier 2 firearm class. It was exactly what I needed to gain the comfort and knowledge in owning a gun. Gonna have to come back for tier 3 class for all the legal and self defense. Tom knows everything and was very thorough. … More
    Emilia Yorish ★★★★★ a year ago
  • I just took the tier 4 shooting class and it was incredibly good. Learning to move and shoot and shoot under stress are such valuable skills. The instructors were professional and very helpful.
    What I loved is that I learned new skills
    … More and got some training tools that I can take to the range tomorrow.
    I highly recommend this class and plan on taking it again in the near future.
    Jeff Shell ★★★★★ a year ago
  • I just completed the Basic Pistol Training Course. Tom Fiala is an excellent instructor who will provide you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to handle and fire a pistol safely and confidently. I highly recommend this class … More to anyone seeking these skills. BarbW
    DawsonW ★★★★★ a year ago
  • The non lethal class is excellent for learning awareness of surroundings, being prepared for with away bags, survival non lethal weapons and more. Tom and his team are very professional, excellent instructor, and follow up after the training. … More
    Well worth your time and investment.
    Gwen Gourley ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Consider myself to be a fairly proficient shooter but took away a huge amount of new knowledge and gained skills to keep improving. Tom is relatable, engaging, and easy to follow. This won't be my last session with him for sure.
    Steven Cagle ★★★★★ 2 years ago
  • First off, this company and guy rocks! Super knowledgeable and down to earth. The knowledge, insight, and practical experience I was exposed too helped me better understand some real world situations that I might very well encounter. … More Even though the course was a full day (9-10 hours and worth every penny and minute spent) Mr. Fiala sensed that my buddy and I were focused on improving and that we didn’t require much downtime. Mr. Fiala catered the course to meet and exceed our goals. I hope to get another opportunity at one of his training sessions.
    Adam Walker ★★★★★ 3 years ago
  • Tom’s training was thorough and included more info than the standard NRA training regimen. He was quite responsive to my questions and he tailored the training to my specific needs. I learned more from Tom’s course than the earlier Basic … More Pistol class I took seven years ago. He was very encouraging and supportive in my learning. I would definitely recommend Tom and look forward to taking other classes with him.
    LK Gregory ★★★★★ 3 years ago
  • I took the course with my brother Paul and sister in law Gwen and it was very professional and intense about guns and guns safety. It is well worth your money if your interested self defense involving guns and the laws pertaining to owning … More them. It is especially informative and it was hands on training at the gun range and the importance of properly owning guns and the right way to shoot them. I highly recommend the course for new gun owners because the classes are taught in small numbers to give you the proper training.
    I enjoyed training with Tom Fiala whose a very friendly teacher and very
    professional and is very knowledgeable in his profession and I plan to take additional courses in the next few months.
    LARRY GOURLEY ★★★★★ 3 years ago
  • As a beginner, I've taken quite a few Basic courses and walked away disappointed. Tom's Basic Pistol Course was literally the first one I've taken that gave me the necessary foundation to build on to become a proficient shooter. … More He's personable, knowledgeable, very seasoned in his field, and very receptive to your questions and what you need to know. He genuinely wants you to become a first-rate shooter and is willing to help you anyway he can. If you're looking for the class to start you off, this is it. - Jim Neville
    Andrea Neville ★★★★★ 3 years ago
  • Tom is a fantastic instructor, I had a great experience in the basic pistol training and learned far more than I expected. He is very skilled and really cares about his students success. I'm more confident with a pistol now and am … More looking forward to more training with Tom!
    Andrew Romanick ★★★★★ 3 years ago
  • My husband and I took the Tier 2 class with Thomas and had a wonderful experience. I had not fired a gun in years and just recently purchased a handgun so I was rather nervous about the class. Thomas helped me to feel very relaxed and … More I actually had fun the whole day! The entire day/class was well thought out and planned for maximum learning. We covered a lot of material and Thomas' enthusiasm for the sport was very inspiring! We both came away feeling much more confident in our ability to handle our handguns as well as maintaining them and we even touched on some laws pertaining to carrying. We cannot recommend ATS training and services. We both look forward to the next class with Thomas! What a great experience!
    Tommye Sigerfoos ★★★★★ 3 years ago
  • We had an excellent time learning from Tom. He was very prepared for our session when we arrived. He has an enormous amount of skill and background to share and incorporate into his lessons. Our time at the range was well spent and certainly … More productive. He gave spot-on advice in the moment that helped with our position, alignment, and performance. It was an excellent day. We were glad to have taken his course and look forward to more. Highly, highly recommend no matter what your present skill level!
    Celeste Martin ★★★★★ 3 years ago
  • My brother and I were both first time shooters who completed the NRA Basic Pistol Training Course. Tom was an excellent instructor! Not only did he take us through all of the training, he provided useful and insightful information whenever … More he could whether or not it was part of the training materials. You can tell he really enjoys training students and was very personable. He always made us, even as complete novices, feel welcome and answered all the questions we had related to firearms and firearms training. He also made himself available as a helpful resource to reach out to with any questions after the course as well. Overall, great experience and would highly recommend!
    Akilan Narayanaswamy ★★★★★ 3 years ago
  • It was quite a privilege to take a firearms training course with Mr. Fiala. Tom is a seasoned tactical professional with a passion for teaching and training. You can see very quickly that Tom really enjoys his students’ successes. His … More extensive collection of knowledge, and his clear and direct method of teaching, provided me great confidence for my future progress. I look forward to my next opportunity to advance through Tom’s additional firearms courses. It really was a great time. I came away with encouraging coaching and very directly applicable improvement points. Top notch professional.
    J Peshee ★★★★★ 4 years ago
  • The wife and I took the basic pistol course this past November while in town for Thanksgiving and WOW! Tom is a great and knowledgeable instructor that takes the time to make sure you understand all the course material, as well as answers … More any questions you may have. In Tom's mind, the only dumb question you have is the one you failed to ask. Having some experience with guns myself, I even learned a few things from the basic course, unexpectedly.
    Despite the comfortable, laid back atmosphere in his beautiful home (which includes coffee/beverages, snacks, and a homemade lunch by his wife, Bekki!), it was still a very professional learning environment, especially in regards to gun safety. Tom doesn't just read off a boring PowerPoint like a robot, he keeps you engaged (and awake!) with his blend of professionalism and his sense of humor.
    The LASR system is a great tool to have right there in the classroom, without the added travel, recoil, eye and ear protection, and noise that comes with live fire training at the range. The ability to hear and ask questions without being at the range allows you to fully understand and work on building confidence, grip, aim, trigger control, and follow through. Don't get me wrong though, you will still go to the range after working on all of those things and do it live, it just makes sense to go over everything first without all the constraints of being at the range with live rounds.
    All in all, it was a great experience, and the wife and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about taking a basic pistol course in the area. We can't wait to take the advanced course the next time we're in town!
    God Bless America!
    Joe ★★★★★ 4 years ago

Tomasz “Tom” Fiala, CPO

As Founder and President of Advanced Tactical Solutions LLC, (simply known as “ATS”), Tom acts in a professional capacity as an Executive Security Consultant, a Private Detective Investigator, and a Firearms & Self-Defense Instructor. Additionally, Tom is highly sought as a High-Profile Client Protector & Executive Protection Specialist. Other experiences and duties include Search & Rescue/Recover Technician, High-Threat Mentor and a trained Emergency Medical Responder.

Tom is a former overseas Deputy Chief Foreign Government Homeland Security Countersurveillance and Counterterrorism executive agent. He worked as a Defense Intelligence & Operational-Security (Op-Sec) civilian combat operator, who routinely interacted with overseas law enforcement, local military, and private military contractor personnel in the global security sector. Security Experience Note: Information provided in this brief bio does not necessarily confirm nor deny any secret or top secret background in National or Foreign Security and does not include experience that is otherwise non-public.

ATS Supports the Following Organizations.

At the Gary Sinise Foundation, we serve our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need. We do this by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities.

The mission of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is to honor the sacrifice of firefighter Stephen Siller who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001. We also honor our military and first responders who continue to make the supreme sacrifice of life and limb for our country.

More than 52,000 servicemen and women physically injured in recent military conflicts. 500,000 living with invisible wounds, from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder. 320,000 experiencing debilitating brain trauma. With the support of our community of donors and team members, we give a voice to those needs and empower our warriors to begin the journey to recovery.

Folds of Honor has grown from a vision into a movement. This folded flag is a constant reminder of those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. It inspires us to help equip and educate their loved ones in need of our support. Thank you for embracing the call.

Founded in 1984, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is dedicated to telling the story of American Law Enforcement and making it safer for those who serve and maintaining and publishing comprehensive details on the circumstances surrounding officer line-of-duty deaths.

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